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With your help, we can make sure vulnerable refugees in Malaysia receive the care that they need.

Meet Jainabbi.

Jainabbi is arguably one of the oldest Rohingya women in Malaysia. She can’t remember how old she is exactly,but her age is well beyond 95 years by now. She has been in Malaysia since she was 20 years old. She fled Myanmar after her losing her family, and after her husband died.

“I came by boat when the British ruled in Malaysia. My husband was a soldier in Myanmar. I remember he was avery nice person - it was a very long time ago,” she said. “When I came to Malaysia I always carried a picture of my husband in the pocket. Before he died he asked me to keep it with me whatever happened and so I did.”

All alone in Malaysia now with nofamily, and too old and ailing to work, Jainabbi relies on the support of neighbours and friends for her daily food and needs, and relies on the care of UNHCR and NGOs for financial assistance.

There are over 150,000 refugee men, women, and children in Malaysia, the majority of them are Rohingyas. Because refugees have no legal status in the country, mothers and fathers cannot work legally to support their families. Children are unable to attend proper school, and many are unable to complete basic schooling. It is difficult for families to afford basic care and treatment when anyone falls ill.

UNHCR works with partners in Malaysia to strengthen refugee communities by providing them access to skills,education, livelihood, and healthcare so that they are better able to take care of themselves. Our assistance programme also prioritises extremely vulnerablere fugees like Jainabbi, to make sure they are not left to struggle alone - but we can’t do it without your help.

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